Hello and Welcome to JaxTrax!

JaxTrax is our interpretation of Jaime Jackson‘s guide to natural horse boarding: “Paddock Paradise“. We became interested in the way that horses live in the wild whilst looking for a cure for a very sick horse that foundered. Our system of enclosed paddocks separated by tracks allows us to keep land for hay, whilst allowing space for horses and ponies to graze on the move – just like they do in the wild. Rocky areas keep hooves in trim, a large pond provides water and bathing, trees allow scratching and grooming and the varied terrain provides exercise whilst grazing.

JaxTrax is the home of our Appaloosa mare – Dream Girl, three Exmoor Ponies and four dogs – Gemma, Echo, Orbit, and Duke. We are thrilled with the way the horses use the tracks to eat on the move and exercise and the ball-losing expertise of our hounds continues to astound!

The construction of the ranch is ongoing and we plan to have everything finished by 2020. However we’re waterproof, windproof and warm, and it is wonderful to wake up and be living amongst the horses.

JaxTrax is our Paddock Paradise!