Three Exmoor’s, One Agility Course and Two Girls having Fun!

When I saw Caroline show “Oui Oui” (Noddy to us!) at our local Western Show she was about 6 years old (middle of photo). I knew then she had what it takes and admired the way she managed the headstrong little Shetland. She performed a “Halter” in hand class and won first prize (blue rosette in Western!) No sooner was she out of the arena, overcome with emotion, she burst into tears! Before anyone had a chance to ask her, she uttered in a choked little voice “je ne pleure pas pour moi, je pleure pour Oui Oui (I am not crying for me, I am crying for Noddy!) Out of the mouth of babes!

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Caroline’s introduction to Exmoor Agility

Caroline is back to help me work with the ponies. She has been absent several weeks due to extreme weather and a family holiday. I was keen to introduce her to our starter agility course. She was so excited at seeing Finch and the other ponies that she and her mind were all over the place. What better way to concentrate the mind and calm her down than to explain how we were going to approach the course! First of all we both walked it on foot. Continue reading →

Improvising to create a Horse Agility Course

Spring is in the air, or at least it was yesterday! I left an “outdoor jobs” list for our 17 year old son Elliot, then went out to feed the horses and walk the dogs. He joined me around 9.30am very motivated, I am pleased to say. After fixing the fencing, folding the tarpaulin etc we set about collecting anything we could find to help create a Horse Agility Course. We gathered some plastic drums, tyres, lengths of wood, plastic piping, scaffolding poles, carpet, barrels and my wooden sun bed. Well I never did find time to lie in the sun!! Continue reading →