• The current pack


Well, not hounds really, English Springer Spaniels to be precise! Gemma is Elliot’s dog and they have a fantastic relationship. She must be one of the fittest ESS’s in France, as she accompanies Elliot on all his runs, mountain bike excursions and adventures.

Echo joined the JaxTrax band in June 2017. He’ll have to get used to the France – Scotland ‘commute’, as we spend a lot of time in Ayrshire where we’ll be working until 2021.

On April 16th 2018, Gemma and Echo’s first (and last) litter arrived in our lives. Most went on to great homes, and a few stayed in the family: Elliot kept Duke, and Cayley came up to Scotland with us. Orbit then found his way back to us after deciding that he really wasn’t all that into gun dog malarkey and preferred a nice sofa and a warm fire.

Lost friends

Gone but never forgotten – Adler, Winko, and little Cayley. Three very special four-legged friends!

Adler and Winko shared in all of our French adventures from 2004 until 2015 (Adler) and 2016 (Winko). Cayley was born with a heart condition, and whilst her time with us was short (2018 – 2019), her willingness to get up and go each and every day —whether good or bad — marked her as a truly special character.

They might be gone, but their presence in our hearts will last forever. No amount of tears will wash away the happy memories….