In Livery for Better or Worse

There must be as many different kinds of livery yards as there are people that run them. Of course you don’t know this until you put your horse in livery. Even then, you need to move on once, twice or even more, to fully appreciate this fact.


The yard you visit, is the nearest to your home. You would rather spend less time on the road and more time with your horse, that’s only natural. Do you make an appointment or you just show up? The latter is a better option so that you see the yard as it functions going about it’s daily routine.

You have a few questions in mind, perhaps even jotted on a piece of paper. No need to give it too much thought though… after all the yard owner/manager is a professional and is going to take care of your horse as if his/her own. Nice thought but sadly not always the case!

It’s Saturday, mid morning. You step out of your car and approach the first person you see. Are you the owner/manager, you ask? Oh no they reply, I haven’t seen him/her this morning, I am just a DIY livery, can I help you? Thinking to oneself, what the heck is DIY? (I thought that was something my husband did at the week-end!) and already you are away having a guided tour of the yard.

By the time the owner/manager shows up, you have seen the stable available for you, the paddock allotted to your horse and a seemingly happy enough client. You are advised on a price for Full Livery, an all inclusive package and then a date they will come and collect your horse for a fee of £25.00.

Job sorted. Nothing more to discuss then…or is there!?